Abrivado 3

In Saintes Maries de la Mer, in the Camargue region, there’s an “abrivado” on the beach of the Mediterranean Sea. The village of Saintes Marie de la Mer hosts the annual pilgrimage of the gypsies. This place is where Camargue traditions are very much present and respected: there are processions of Arlésiennes in costume, “abrivado,” “bandido,” and Camargue bull races with “Cocardiers” (the best bulls from the herds) and “raseteurs” (the main actors of the bull race). Raseteurs usually face one, two, three, or more animals, called “cocardiers,” which are very lively and agile bulls, from which they attempt to remove prizes affixed to their heads. They perform various “rasets” to maneuver the animal, assisted by “tourneurs.”

Peinture à l’acrylique



28×21 inches